Monday, July 13, 2009

Thing 18: Wikis

Wiki, the Hawaiian word for quick, is indeed a fast source, although one that is not always reliable.

I looked up "information literacy" on Wikipedia. The teaching of info lit is a personal interest. Plus the irony of searching for "information literacy" on Wikipedia is alluring, considering all the debate over Wikipedia reliability.

The entry on info lit seems like a good introduction to information literacy, and the sources are authoritative. Sources include ALA and the Association of College Research Libraries.

The history of the information literacy page shows spurts of editing activity going back to when the page was first posted in 2004.

The discussion page held mainly an article written in Spanish. I like the idea of multi-lingual web pages. In fact, a diversity of languages is the only way true information literacy can be achieved. But on this English-language Wikipedia page about information literacy the article wasn't translated into English.

That got me thinking about library web pages and language translation and how we need to open our virtual doors to more people by designing web pages that have more language options.

I'm off to work on the North Texas 23 wiki. Hasta luego!

Photo Hawaiian shuttle bus by cogdogblog from flickr's Creative Commons

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