Monday, August 10, 2009

Thing 23: Reflection

Thank you, 23 Things. I have 384 library-related stories to read in my Google Reader, a dozen library pages to check on Facebook, several more podcasts to watch, a hankering to get back into GoogleDocs to make that survey app work and I am really looking for ways to use that card catalog generator again!
And it's all good. I feel as if I have a much better understanding of the technologies available today. I'm far better poised to move into the future.
I'll continue to use Google Reader to stay up on blogs involving libraries, information literacy and other subjects. Delicious is now part of my reportoire. I use it to organize Web pages. I don't work at a library yet where I can add Web 2.0 technologies to my workday, but I am more likely now to consider these tools for organizing and sharing information. I like the creativity that is sparked by the use of Web tools, and I think that aspect adds a sense of enchantment to learning.
Thanks to everyone who worked on make 23 Things available!