Monday, May 18, 2009

Adventures and Misadventures in Mashups

A butterfly "mashes up" to a flower!

I mashed up flickr with Goggle Maps and created a map of photos taken at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden posted on a Google map of the garden. The result is toward the bottom of this blog. The mashup was created with

That was great fun.

Next I tried creating a map of Fort Worth Public Library and branches with photos taken at the libraries.

It was then I discovered the downside of social bookmarking.
Anyone can take a picture of anything and tag it: Fort Worth library.
The photos flickr delivered included one that I cannot yet get off of my map. Its headline is: "Jerry Groping Someone Else's Wife." I do not want this photo on my libraries map. Yet there it is. So I have to come up with deliniators that somehow exclude this photo (which is actually a harmless photo, done in fun but still...).
I also feel a little uncomfortable using someone else's image. The butterfly above is a flickr photo said to have been taken at FW Botanic Gardens by an unknown photographer. That's all I know.
I am looking forward to our lesson on flickr mashups. I am just beginning to see some of the problems and possibilities.

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