Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thing 9.50: More Facebook

I discovered the value of groups on Facebook.

I can enjoy group discussions on a separate page and not have to stream that conversation through my profile where my non-library friends would only be annoyed.

Today's adventure was joining Facebook's Library 2.0 Interest Group. It's 9,995-members strong and it offers a discussion page of varied posts such as this from a Library of Congress librarian: Did you know that an article on Web 2.0 has been written in Arabic? I wish the post had described how or if the content differed from any other nation's academic literature on Web 2.0. (Only the abstract is available in English) But I can ask that in a discussion group, can't I?

My most fruitful find was AnnaLaura Brown's link to her page. She describes social networking as vital to understanding the culture of our patrons.

I see this group as a good professional development group, only not as beneficial as some of the other library blogs I've signed up for with that handy Google Reader. Still, I'll be checking back.

Photo by Nobuyuki Hayashi on flickr

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