Friday, June 12, 2009

That Shadowy Face on the Followers List

"Your (system) has blocked at attack on your computer," reads that warning box that pops up on my screen when I sign in to blogger now and then.

Yipes! That word "attack" just bothers me.

I am not sure what to do to prevent such attacks, outside of using Norton or some other security program. I really try to be careful about which sites I visit and what email I open. So, lacking any real knowledge, I just did something.

I removed the followers list. Since I've started this blog I've had a follower who describes himself as a French accountant living somewhere in Africa. I could never figure out why a French accountant in Africa would be interested in 23 Things. Just likes numbers, perhaps?

Not knowing how to delete one follower, I removed the entire followers gadget. It may have nothing to do with the "attacks" on my computer. So I hope people still visit my blog through some other means.
Update: I figured out how to delete one follower. From Dashboard, click on followers and click on the photo that accompanies the suspicious follower. From there, you can add the person as a friend or block them as a follower.
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  1. At you can get free anti-virus if your not already using Nortons. There are a couple different ones in the top ten downloads. Some messages are real and others are scams to push the purchase of a nanti-virus. I haven't seen the exact message you describe so Norton's may be your best bet.

  2. Thanks Todd. I do use Norton, otherwise these "attacks" would get through. I am not sure what is happening with all that. I just know I don't like the word "attack"!