Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thing 9.75: More Facebook

Glowing archives

I joined FacebookAppsforLibrarians.

It is a seldom used group and one that is difficult to find in a search. I found it off a link from Facebook's Library 2.0 Interest Group.

I'll be watching this group to see if it holds any interesting postings.

Most groups I find on Facebook don't seem to have a lot of activity. I'll be watching some groups to see if I can come to a conclusion as to why. Perhaps some of us need to get on and do some postings to stimulate discussion.

Through some circuitous path I ran into a quiz called What Kind of a Librarian Are You? under the apps tab.

My Result: Archival Librarian

"As an archivist, you spend your days hunched over old documents and you love every second of it. You've seen every episode of Biography and your dream is to be interviewed for a History Channel special. You may forget your own phone number, but you can retain obscure facts with the best of them. Secretly, though, you're hoping to discover a document that will send you on a National Treasure/Da Vinci Code style adventure."

Photo by Izik on flickr's Creative Commons for photosharing

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